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Free Irish Slow Circle


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The Strum Shop is home to several FREE community music groups that meet all throughout the month...

A learning circle (or Ceoltais) is a traditional style of learning tunes. It offers the new person to Irish music the chance to hear tunes played in the style, learn them without concern about making mistakes, and develop his or her ear. In a Ceoltais, unlike a regular session, all players are encouraged to play every tune no matter the tempo, feel free to make mistakes, ask questions, and experiment at trying to find the pitches and rhythms. Yes, “dots” (sheet music) are allowed, but the ultimate goal is to pick up new tunes by ear and perform by ear

How does a “Slow Session” work?

Generally, we start with reviewing tunes slowly, learning a new tune and ending with a slow session. The slow session gives everyone the practice of leading a known tune and having everyone join in and play by ear. Amazingly, there are always a couple of folks who know a tune or two even at the first gathering. Normally, we’ll go though one new tune at each gathering, but at the first one, we’ll start learning two from the list.

We are EXTREMELY lucky to have Phyllis Grant to lead us on this musical journey. She has played with the Auburn Irish Session since its inception 11 years ago. She has performed with Peter Grant, Kelly Fleming, and Lisa Stine at the KVMR Celtic Festival; Paddy Keenan & Peter Grant at Jack Russell’s Brewery; and other venues throughout California and Ireland. She has led sessions at Lark of the Morning Camp and the KVMR Celtic session. Since August 2012, Phyllis has led the Auburn Irish Slow Session and Learning Circle. She teaches classical, improvisational, and Irish styles of flute and whistle privately.

Contact Suzanna Marshall at suz_marshall_7@yahoo.com to receive an invitation to join the “AISS” yahoo group to have access to the downloadable song sheets OR ask to have the PDF’s emailed to you (10 at a time). Thank you!